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Jana Uselton: Stand Out from the Hobbyists & Show Off Already!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Who is in your Alliance? We continually ask this question when it comes to partners and collaborators within the Real Estate Industry. We are constantly assessing the current market and building relationships with those who are making a huge impact within Real Estate. It is a reminder that we must take account of who we are aligning with and why. Our partners, affiliates, and inner circle should build us up and make us better.

We encourage you to also do this audit.

Who in your local marketplace should you align with when it comes to business?

Who are the movers and shakers?

Who are the innovators?

Who knows the answers to the questions you have?

These are your people. When you align with others on a core value basis and they bring such value and knowledge, skill set, and connections, lean in and continue to provide value to them as well. They need to see that you are winning, especially now!

At HSRA, we have partnered with you and you partnered with us. As Members, you are trusting us to help guide and direct business decisions by providing training and Continuing Education to become the best company possible. HSRA also trusts you to operate in best practices, help lead other Staging companies well, and be the example by modeling, mimicking, and mastering.

HSRA is known for attracting the “best of the best” Home Staging companies in the US. Just by partnering with HSRA, your reputation in our industry is impacted.

Do people know that you are associated with HSRA?

Here are a few steps to realign with HSRA so your clients see a difference in your company.

Q: Does your website have the current HSRA Member logo with the “Alliance” in the badge?

Q: If you are an XL Growth Member and are investing into additional resources such as John Maxwell and Grant Cardone, have you updated your member logo on your website?

Q: Are you keeping up with and posting about your HSRA Continuing Education Credits you are earning within our industry?

Q: Are you scheduling and teaching HSRA CE classes?

Q: Have you graduated from GDP (Growth Development Program) and displayed the new logo on your website?

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