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Five Potential Areas of Investment

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Are you aware that there are five potential areas of investment in your Staging and ReDesign business? Jana shared this information with us in the May 2022 edition of our HSRA monthly publication. Just to recap for you, here is a highlight of that article:

Five Areas of Investment in a Home Staging and ReDesign Business:

  1. People - You and your team, the partners and vendors you work with, your clients, and any other people that impact your success in business

  2. Profit Centers - Your catalog of services and products - those things that people exchange money for in your business.

  3. Processes, Procedures, and Policies - The “written and real” framework that guides and directs the actions and responses for you and your team on a daily basis

  4. Places - The areas you serve and the ways you meet clients where they are to assist them

  5. Partners - Those on your team and the ones with whom you can collaborate in the Real Estate industry to create multiple streams of revenue and ensure greater security for the business

Each of these areas of investment are important, and need regular attention and adjustment. As you review this list, is there one or more areas that stand out to you as needing immediate attention? Rarely ever will we be excelling in all areas at one time. There is always room for improvement, and our business will show when we are lacking in any of the areas above.

Which area are you going to focus on first? We have tons of modules available to you as part of your HSRA member benefits, as well as a Staging Business Advisor who can work with you to locate assets that will assist you.

Always here to help, and hoping you are having an amazing summer!!

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