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Massive Action in Miami - by Laurie Graham

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

We had the most amazing time attending the Grant Cardone Business Bootcamp in Miami this month!

Jana invested in her entire leadership staff by allowing them to be a part of this 3-day business training. The experience was outstanding.

Day 1 started off with Brandon Dawnson speaking about Money & Finances and how it relates to your employees, ways to retain good employees, and options to help them grow financially. There were tons of ideas flowing through my head, which I will share more on in next month's publication.

Day 2 provided information on the Sales Process. Can I just say it was mind-blowing - seriously, the most simple things can result in a YES when it comes to sales in your company. We went over a ton of this information and training during our Sales Mastermind this week in Las Vegas. We will have copies of the workbook available for purchase if you are interested. The icing on the cake was my girl Natalie Dawnson going over People & Alignment (my favorite topic ever!), discussing how to find, attract and hire the right people.

Day 3 had Grant Cardone and Sheri Hamilton bringing the house down talking about scaling business! It was phenomenal. The information at these events truly challenges you to expand your mind and the way you think, and also gives the opportunity for new thoughts and ideas. One of my favorite parts of this massive action weekend in Miami was the time the team shared together after the event. The look in their eyes, and the excitement they had in them to do more was amazing! They were empowered and the brain juices were flowing. I would highly recommend investing in your team and taking them to events like this if you are looking to grow your business.

Speaking of investing in your team, I am now officially a Grant Cardone Licensee Facilitator. I am the first actual licensee facilitator for the program and am so thankful that Jana invested in this opportunity for me. I will keep you posted on what that looks like and how it benefits our members! Stay tuned.

Remember - Massive actions = Massive results!

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